I’m Steven Roussey.

I live in West Hollywood, CA.

I am a technologist, investor, mentor, and entrepreneur.

I am a huge fan of technology and software going back to childhood when I was figuring out how to calculate IRR of investment real estate for my father.

Besides learning to code when I was a child, I studied both engineering and computer science at university, and tinker on side projects despite not having enough time in the day (as fan of JS, I worked on Firebug as a side project, used by millions of developers before those tools were integrated into all the browsers).

I have worked at small firms and large firms, started my own company, and helped companies grow.

I’ve written CMS systems from scratch multiple times; eCommerce too. Throw in my own ORM (patents pending and given), client/server MVVM framework, and contributions to browser developer tools, and call me well rounded. Just not a ninja or unicorn. I’m always learning.

I have invested in a couple hundred startups, mentored many more at an accelerator, and advise entrepreneurs and solo capitalists alike.

Helping people is more rewarding than a paycheck. Life is awesome when you can do both. Working to build teams, products, companies, is as fascinating as code.