I’m Steven Roussey.

I live in West Hollywood, CA.

I am a technologist, investor, mentor, and entrepreneur.

I am a huge fan of technology and software going back to childhood when I was figuring out how to calculate IRR of investment real estate for my father.

Besides learning to code when I was a child, I studied both engineering and computer science at university, and regularly tinker on side projects.

I have worked at small firms and large firms, started my own company, and helped other companies grow.

I’ve written CMS systems from scratch multiple times; eCommerce too. Throw in my own ORM (patents pending and given), client/server MVVM framework, and contributions to browser developer tools. As fan of JS, I worked on Firebug as a side project, used by millions of developers before those tools were integrated into all the browsers. I’ve contributed to Chrome as well.

I’m always learning.

I have invested many startups, mentored more at an accelerator, and advise entrepreneurs and solo capitalists alike.

The opportunity to combine personal passion with positive impact on others is what makes life truly remarkable. Building teams, products, and companies is just as fascinating as coding, embodying my love for technology and collaborative progress.