I speak at conferences, events, and online

I love to speak when I think I can add an interesting voice to a discussion panel, or to speak about specific technologies or investing.


Mentor Hours


I am a mentor for founders navigating the trials and tribulations of starting a company.


Boost.VC Accelerator

For six years I was a mentor for the Boost.VC accelerator. Loved it!


Angel Club Pitch Practice, 8 December 2023

Angel Club

​Hear several investors pitch for up to two minutes, then here founders pitch for three minutes and get feedback. ​Pitch your startup to investors for up to two minutes.

How to Pitch to VCs & Angel Investors

ClubHouse PitchClub

More often on this Saturday morning event than other rooms at other times. You can find me saying the things that others may not. Not recorded!

Live Events

Showcase Los Angeles

KampEvents, March 2023

Part of an investor panel for discussing the LA venture ecosystem, then we will take a look at a few startups and pepper them with questions.

Advanced Tips and Tricks for Debugging

SechaCon Orlando, March 2013

Demonstrating techniques for using Firebug to its fullest potential, and my Illuminations for Developers plugin for specific help with ExtJS.


Apple WWDC, 1996

I spoke about integrating an app store in the MacOS based on missing software when opening a file. Discover and purchase (via PartBank/PartMerchant) were the two main topics for my guest appearance.